At our practice, we are committed to providing our audiology patients with the most comprehensive care available. We offer all of our services under one roof, which means you can have your needs tended to in one convenient location.

From pediatric to geriatric, our specialist is here to help you hear better. We manage everything for patients living with all levels of hearing loss, from treatment to continued care and prevention education.

Our services also include:

Hearing Aid Repairs

We understand that the ability to hear and your hearing health are equally important. That’s why our staff provides thorough repairs with a quick turnaround to ensure your device is back to you quickly and in the best shape possible. Repairs include:

  • Complete evaluation using the latest analyzer technology
  • Confirmation of proper internal circuitry function
  • Removal of wax and other debris from device
  • Replacement of defective parts

Hearing Aid Dispensing

In addition to our premier audiology care, we are authorized to measure, adjust, fit and sell hearing devices to patients of all ages. We also offer a no-obligation, 30-day trial for our hearing devices. Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify.

Custom Hearing Protection

Your ear canals are as distinct as your fingerprints—no two canals are alike in shape or size. This can make it rather challenging to find ear plugs that actually fit your ears, which are important to maintain your hearing in high-decibel situations or protect your ears while swimming.

Our experts can craft custom ear plugs that are tailored to your individual ears using quality materials that will keep one of the most sensitive parts of your body safe from harm.

Custom Listening Accessories

We are happy to create a variety of hearing device accessories that fit uniquely to you and your needs, including:

  • Ear inserts for music players that remove ambient sound and allow for music enjoyment at a safe volume
  • Ear molds for behind-the-ear (BTE) devices that have an airtight seal and reduce feedback
  • Systems designed to improve television viewing for those with hearing loss (as well as those without)

Pediatric and Adult Diagnostics

Our team is able to perform comprehensive audiologic evaluations for both adult and pediatric patients, including:

  • Acoustic reflex testing to measure a response to intense sound in the middle ear
  • High-frequency audiometry, a test used to determine sensitivity for thresholds (the softest sound a patient can hear) from 8000 hertz (Hz) to 20,000 Hz
  • Otoacoustic emissions evaluation to determine the function of hair cells in the inner ear
  • Pure tone audiometry to determine hearing sensitivity
  • Speed audiometry to measure speech reception and a patient’s ability to determine different sounds
  • Tympanometry to assess middle-ear function

Don’t let difficulty with hearing get in the way of living life. For more information about our audiology services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.