As ear, nose and throat specialists, we are committed to the care and management of sinus and allergy issues, which can affect patients any time of year. We happily provide a diagnosis, treatment and continued care for patients of all ages.

Our services include:

Allergy Testing

With the latest advancements in medicine, allergy testing is more accurate and convenient than it has been in the past. Combined with a thorough medical history, allergy testing can precisely pinpoint what triggers a reaction in patients.

Our specialists are trained to perform testing and provide a treatment plan for patients with allergies. Testing is done using skin scrapes or blood analysis. In some cases, suspected allergens can be injected into the skin of the arm.

The top most common allergies include:

  • Drugs
  • Dust mites
  • Food (e.g., milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts)
  • Grass
  • Insect stings
  • Latex
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Weeds

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty (BSP) is a safe, effective procedure for patients with chronic sinusitis who are not responding well to medications and are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the cavities surrounding the nasal passages that can be caused by allergies, polyps or complications from other medical conditions (e.g., cystic fibrosis).

The procedure is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and is effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis. BSP allows patients to return to normal activities quickly. At our practice, we trust the ACCLARENT AERA® Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System when performing BSP.

For more information about allergy testing and treatment or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today.